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Andrew Shue Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is The Famous Actor?

Andrew Shue has had an exciting life, doing many different things like acting, playing sports, and doing business. People know him best for his part in the popular TV show “Melrose Place”. She has built a career beyond the usual limits, combining her interests and skills uniquely. The public praised his efforts, and he showed a strong drive to succeed in business.

Quick Facts

Full NameAndrew Eppley Shue
NicknameAndrew Shue
BirthdateFebruary 20, 1967
BirthplaceWilmington, Delaware, USA
Zodiac signPisces
Sexual orientationStraight
Age57 years old
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Net Worth$20 Million
ProfessionActor, Football player, Entrepreneur
SpousesAmy Robach, Jennifer Hageney
ChildrenNathaniel William Shue
SiblingsElisabeth Shue, William Shue, John Shue
ParentsJames Shue, Anne Harms
EducationDartmouth College (BA)
Marital statusMarried

Andrew Shue’s Personal Life

Andrew Shue's Personal Life
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In addition to his work success, Andrew Shue is dedicated to his family and helping his community. He worked hard to help others and make a difference by starting a charity called Do Something that helps young people. These efforts show he cares about helping others and making a good difference. This makes his public image more meaningful.

Additionally, Shue’s marriage to Amy Robach ended because she was having a relationship with her TV co-host, T. J Rewrite, in simple words: Holmes. Robach and Holmes broke up with their partners and started dating each other.

Who Is Andrew Shue’s Wife?

Andrew Shue’s First Wife

Jennifer Hageney was married to Andrew Shue before anyone else. Hageney is currently employed at iHeartMedia.

Andrew and Jennifer had three kids before they broke up in 2008.

Jennifer is a top marketer and business partner at iHeartMedia Inc. Hageney has worked at iHeartMedia for seven years, starting in July 2015.

She also worked as an agent for her ex-husband, Andrew Shue, and was in charge of marketing at Cafe Mom, a website started by Andrew.

The couple got divorced in 2008. Two years later, the Melrose Place star married a TV correspondent named Amy Robach in 2010. Shue and Robach are taking care of five kids from their past relationships.

But now, their marriage is changing because the co-host of Good Morning America is seen with T. J Holmes, who is becoming more and more proof that they were supposedly having an affair.

Andrew Shue’s Second Wife

Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig are still in love.

The couple was seen in New York City on Friday night, walking together and holding hands. Shue, 57, wore jeans, a winter coat, and Adidas sneakers, while Fiebig wore a long coat, boots, and tights. The couple has been in the news because both of their ex-spouses used to work as news anchors for GMA3. They have been dating for a few months. Holmes and are dating right now.

Some time ago, someone confirmed that the couple was still together in the middle of February, and now they have been seen together.

“He looks very happy with him,” the person said about the lawyer, who ended his 12-year marriage with Holmes in December 2022. The couple finished their divorce in October, almost a year after Holmes, 46, and Robach, 51, started dating.

Andrew Shue Children

Andrew Shue Children
Source: Broadimage/Shutterstock

Robach has been married to actor Andrew Shue from Melrose Place since 2010. Before that, she married Tim McIntosh in 1996, and they separated in 2009. It is thought that Robach and Shue have broken up, mainly because of what his son’s Instagram shows.

Shue’s son Nate, who is 26 years old, posted a mysterious message on his Instagram stories on Saturday night. The message might be about the end of his stepmom’s time at ABC News, her breakup with his dad, or maybe both.

He often talks about his family’s problems on social media. At the end of last year, he posted a video looking back on the past year and wrote about his goals for 2023.

“2022 was crazy,” he wrote. I don’t know what I want for my 23rd birthday, but it will come. I care about the people I love.

Nate is Shue’s oldest son from Jennifer Hageney, a floral designer. They are also the parents of Aidan, who is 24 years old, and Wyatt, who is 19.

Robach is the mother of Ava, born in 2002, and Annie, born in 2006. Ava and Annie’s father is Robach’s ex-husband, McIntosh.

Shue and Robach said it was tough to combine their families, mainly because they married after only ten months of dating.

Andrew Shue Career

Andrew Shue Career
Amy Robach’s estranged husband, Andrew Shue (Source: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

Andrew Shue became famous for playing Billy Campbell on the TV show Melrose Place. This made a lot of people like him. However, his acting career is only one part of his work. She became well-known as a soccer player and showed she was good at sports and art. He started a website called CafeMom after being an actor and a sports player. This showed that he is good at business and starting new companies, and it also added to the different types of jobs he has done in his career.

What is Andrew Shue’s Net Worth?

Andrew Sheu has created a career that doesn’t follow standard rules. He’s mixed his interests and skills in unique ways. The public praised his efforts and showed his business-minded attitude. According to Celebrity Net Worth, they have made a lot of money, about $20 million, by being diverse and innovative.

In the end, Andrew Shue’s net worth of $20 million shows his success in different areas. But what shows how rich he is is all the other things he’s achieved and how much good he’s done with his charity work. Shue’s story shows how you can keep changing and improving your life by using your different interests and abilities.

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