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Who Is Della Beatrice Howard Robinson? Meet Ray Charles’ Ex-Wife

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson was Ray Charles Robinson’s second wife, most often known as Ray Charles. Their marriage lasted for many years, making an important moment in Ray Charles’s life. Let’s know more about Della Beatrice’s life. 

Quick Facts

Full NameDella Beatrice Howard Robinson
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Age95 years
Height5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight168 lbs (76 kg)
Eye colourBrown
Hair colourBlack
Sexual orientationStraight
ProfessionHomemaker, Former wife of Ray Charles
Net Worth$15 Million
SpouseRay Charles (m. 1955–1977)
ChildrenRobert Robinson, Ray Charles Robinson, Jr., David Robinson
GrandchildKiel Robinson
EducationSchool in Richmond
Marital statusDivorced

Who is Della Beatrice Howard Robinson?

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson, often known as “Bea,” was born in California. Her upbringing came with difficulties, since her parents separated soon after her birth, leaving her mother to raise her alone. She raised her daughter alone. Della attended school until fourth grade before her official education was stopped. Despite her minimal formal education, Della was an eager student who developed a strong interest in music early on. She developed her vocal skills while participating in a church group and being exposed to gospel music. This early musical impact became an important aspect of her life and molded her goals. Growing up in the dynamic town of Los Angeles and facing the challenges of a single-parent family, Della’s determination and love for music led her along a road that would characterize her later years.

Personal Life

Her childhood in a closely-knit community had a significant impact on her personality and goals. She grew up in an atmosphere where music was valued. Despite the difficulties of being raised by a single mother and following her parent’s separation, she found peace and inspiration in her community’s rich musical traditions. The Church played an important role in her early life. Gospel music with its strong rhythms. Della improved her vocal skills in the church while also absorbing African-American church ideals such as endurance and spiritual power. 

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To whom was Della Beatrice Married?

Della Beatrice and his wife, Ray Charles.
Della Beatrice and his wife, Ray Charles. (Source: DailyBlackHistory/Facebook)

The marriage of Della Beatrice and Ray Charles was a historic occasion that brought together two significant personalities. They met where their first bond grew from their common love of music and mutual respect. They married in a simple ceremony, symbolizing their shared commitment and the start of a union that would endure both personal and professional lives. Their marriage impacted not just their respective careers but also highlighted their role in molding the cultural environment of music at the time. Della’s support and presence with Ray Charles during his climb to fame emphasized their link, demonstrating a shared path of love of artistic perfection. 

What is Della Beatrice Howard Robinson’s Net Worth?

Della Beatrice‘s net worth is estimated to be $15 million. This enormous income was mostly derived from the cash she obtained as part of her divorce settlement with Ray Charles. When Ray Charles died in 2004, this substantial fortune was amassed via his innovative contributions to music endeavors. The divorce settlement with Della Beatrice Howard Robinson represented the enormous assets and financial success he had attained throughout his career. Her portion of the settlement increased her present net worth, providing financial security and acknowledgment for her role in his life and career.


To summarise, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson, popularly known as “Bea,” lived a life firmly anchored in music and endurance. Despite the difficulty of being raised by a single mother and having a limited formal education, her love of music flourished via her participation in the church choir. Her marriage to Ray Charles was a watershed moment in both their lives, emphasizing their mutual support and shared journey in the music industry. Della’s legacy is inextricably linked to the cultural effect and financial success of Ray Charles’ remarkable career since she has a great net worth of millions from her separation settlement.

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