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Eleanor Talitha Bailey: Meet the Little Daughter of Devon Aoki

Meet Eleanor Talitha Bailey, a proud American from the United States. She is used to being in the spotlight because her mom is a famous actress and model.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey is the daughter of famous American actress and model Devon Aoki. You may know Devon from movies like “2 Fast 2 Furious”, where she acted as Suki. She has appeared on popular magazine covers and supported big companies like Adidas, Loreal, and Tiffany & Co.

Eleanor has the same talent and beauty as her mother. She has been in the same famous brands and represented a travel luggage company as their ambassador. She is starting to get paid to promote products, just like her mom.

Quick Facts

Full nameEleanor Talitha Bailey
BirthdateFebruary 12, 2015
Age9 years (as of 2024)
Zodiac signAquarius
BirthplaceUnited States
Height4 ft 3 in (129 cm)
Weight39 kilograms (86 lbs)
ParentsDevon Aoki (mother), James Bailey (father)
SiblingsJames Bailey Jr. (brother),
Eleanor Talitha Bailey (sister),
Evelyn Bailey (sister)
RelativesSteve Aoki (Uncle), Hiroaki Aoki (Grandfather),
Pamela Hilburger (Grandmother)
CareerMinor advertising and branding And potential
in modeling
Net WorthNot applicable (young age)
EducationPrimary School

Who Is Eleanor Talitha Bailey?

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Ethnicity and Nationality
Source: Instagram

Eleanor Talitha Bailey was born in the United States on February 12, 2015. As a result, she is American, has a mix of different ethnic backgrounds, and is Christian.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Height and Weight

Eleanor Talitha Bailey is 4 and 3 inches tall, about 129 centimeters or 1.29 meters tall. She weighs 39 kilograms, which is the same as 86 pounds.

Eleanor is a charming, petite girl who has become popular because of her mom’s successful career. Her delightful personality and good looks make her cute.

As Eleanor grows up, it is evident that she will become a beautiful young woman, taking after her mother, who is also lovely.

Their mom has helped the kids do well in their work and personal lives. With these critical lessons, the children will find success as they get older.


Eleanor Talitha Bailey has a loving family. Her mom, Devon Aoki, shares nice pictures of them on Instagram. She cares about her brothers and sisters. Her little brother’s name is James Bailey Jr. He was born on June 10, 2011. Her sister is Al, Alessandra Linville, born on February 13, 2013.

Devon Aoki Children
Source: Pinterest

In the beginning, Eleanor was the littlest in her family until her sister Evelyn was born. These four siblings are working together and succeeding in the modeling business. They have proven they are good at making ads for famous companies like Adidas and Gap. Devon’s social media has pictures of special times with their brothers and sisters. They care a lot about each other.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Grandparents

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s grandpa, Hiroaki Aoki, had a fascinating and adventurous life. He was a beginner wrestler and raced powerboats for fun, and people knew him as Rocky Aoki. He was born in Japan but later moved to the United States, where he became successful by running a Benihana restaurant.

Eleanor’s other grandmother, Pamela Hilburger, is good at painting and making jewelry. She has a mix of German and English ancestors in her family. Even though Pamela divorced Aoki in 1991, she kept doing what she loved and stayed out of the public eye.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Relationship Status

Eleanor Talitha Bailey is eight and likes going to school and having fun like a normal kid. She doesn’t think about dating at all.

Currently, Eleanor is happy being single and enjoying the fun experiences of being a kid. In the meantime, her parents, Devon Aoki, and James Bailey have a love story that sounds like it’s from a fairy tale set in their glamorous world.

Devon Aoki husband, James Bailey
Devon Aoki’s husband, James Bailey (Source: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images)

They met by chance and had a blind date, which made them fall in love more than any love story in the movies. After a quick courtship, they got engaged in just six months. On April 23, 2011, they got married in Los Angeles, with the love and support of their friends and family.

As Eleanor enjoys being a kid, her parents’ love shows that love can be extraordinary. It has no limits, creating incredible adventures beyond what you can imagine.

What Is Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Net Worth?

In 2024, Eleanor Bailey, who is eight years old, has no money because she is still a kid. Currently, she concentrates on learning and growing before she starts making money from a job or other opportunities.

Eleanor is doing some small advertising and branding jobs with her brothers and sisters, like her mom did. Although these activities get her more attention, they still need to be a formal job or a way for her to make money.

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