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Kyle Marisa Roth Tiktok Star, How Did She Dies at Age 36?

Before she died, Kyle Marisa Roth had gained more than 200,000 people who liked to watch her videos on TikTok. She mostly posted videos about famous people. She spread rumours about specific people from unknown sources.

People were talking about famous people possibly cheating on each other and making guesses about what they plan to do with their careers. She told others the messages she got, but she sometimes thought they were wrong.

Quick Facts

NameKyle Marisa Roth
Age36 years
BirthplaceLos Angeles
EthnicitiesEthnically Ambiguous / Multiracial, Latino / Hispanic
ProfessionInternet personality
Height5 ft 8 in (173 m)
Weight150lbs / 68kg
EducationSeverna Park, Maryland, and Lehigh University
SisterLindsay Roth
DaughterEva Evans
ParentsJacquie Cohen Roth (Mother), Robert L. Roth (Father)
Hair ColorBlond
Eyes ColorBlue
BuildAthletic / Toned
DiedApril 15, 2024
Tiktok@thekylemarisa (200,000 followers)

Kyle Marisa Roth Age

Kyle Marisa Roth was a well-liked person who made videos and posts online. She had a lot of people who liked to watch her on TikTok. Sadly, she passed away at only 36 years old.


Before Roth started working in social media, she went to Lehigh University, where she played lacrosse for the school.

“I’ve always known about Lehigh because my dad swam here,” she said in her player bio on the school’s site. “What initially drew me to Lehigh was its great academic reputation, then I learned that a new coaching staff was hired and they were looking to build a top Division I lacrosse program.”

Kyle Marisa Roth, Husband

If Kyle were married, she wouldn’t have shared anything about it on social media. Instead, she mostly posts about famous people and her dog, Hamilton. After Kyle died, people started talking about a rumour that said she used to be married, but her husband passed away. The rumour may be accurate, but it could be.

Kyle Marisa Roth Children

Even though Kyle treated Hamilton like her own son, she didn’t have any children of her own, or at least that’s what she told everyone. People were saying that her husband died and that she also had a stillborn baby before that, but we don’t know if that’s true.

Even though Kyle’s immediate family was small, she definitely had a positive impact on many people, just like her sister and mother said. Julia Fox, who stars in Uncut Gems, also commented on Lindsay’s post to say the same thing.

Kyle Marisa Roth Cancer

Kyle Marisa Roth Cancer
The star previously fought colon cancer (@thekylemarisa_/instagram)

Roth has talked about her health a lot. She wrote about being a survivor of colon cancer on X.

In February 2024, the person who makes videos and posts on social media talked about her past surgeries and showed pictures of the scars on her Instagram.

“3 major abdominal surgeries. 1 reconstructive shoulder surgery. Over a dozen broken bones,” she wrote in the caption. “One torn meniscus. Several car accidents. Even more concussions. Collegiate lacrosse. Soccer at elementary school recess. 3 missing internal organs. BUT LOTS OF BADASS F—— SCARS.”

Hollywood Life

Kyle became very popular on TikTok because she posted a lot of videos about celebrity news, entertainment, lifestyle, movies, and pop culture. She got millions of views and almost 170,000 followers. She often spoke her mind about famous people in Hollywood, which caused controversy. But she never apologized for her opinions.

Kyle Marisa Roth TikTok Account

On March 25, Kyle Marisa Roth told her followers on TikTok that her main account had been banned, and she asked them to complain to the company so it could be unbanned. She said that she makes most of her money from TikTok, and if she loses it, she won’t be able to pay her rent.

“I need help from everyone, this is an emergency, please,” she said in the video. “It’s almost the end of the month and this is my first month getting paid. I really need this money to pay my rent because I’m broke. “

Kyle Marisa Roth Death

Kyle Marisa Roth, who was famous for her strong opinions about pop culture on TikTok, passed away at the age of 36 in April 2024.

Roth’s mom, Jacquie Cohen Roth, said on April 15 on her LinkedIn that her daughter had passed away.

My daughter Kyle is no longer with us. She connected with some of you in person and others through her significant presence on another platform.

She said, “Kyle loved and lived with great passion. ” I don’t understand anything right now, but I hope to understand more in the next few days.

Roth’s sister also posted the sad news on social media with a picture of Roth and her dog Hamilton.

“She had a lot of talent and touched many people with her humor, intelligence, beauty, activism, and athleticism,” she wrote. “If anyone wants to talk about Kyle and share memories with me, I am here. “

She also said she would let her followers know about the memorial services once they are arranged. Many people, including fans and famous people, left sympathetic messages for her. Julia Fox said she was a pleased person.

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