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Who Is Stephanie Sarkisian? Meet Steve Sarkisian’s Ex-Wife

Stephanie Sarkisian was the first wife of Steve Sarkisian who is a well-known football coach. She previously completed collegiate basketball at the university. She sought additional education after her sporting career, eventually graduating from the university. Let’s know more about her;

Quick Facts

Full NameStephanie Sarkisian
Age49 years
ProfessionClient Service Associate
Net Worth$1 Million
SpouseSteve Sarkisian (m. 1997–2016)
Marital statusDivorced (2016)

Her Professional Background

Stephanie Sarkisian rose to prominence following her divorce from college football coach Steve Sarkisian. Her ex-husband, previously known as Stephen Ambrose Sarkisian, is now the head coach at the University of Texas in Austin. Stephanie Sarkisian, whose maiden name is Yamamoto, was formerly a substitute teacher. Information on her childhood, parents, and schooling is currently limited.

Her Marriage

Stephanie Sarkisian and her husband were happily married till 2016. But they choose to separate their ways because of unknown reasons. They said in a statement that they want to maintain the privacy of both their children and themselves. Their objective is to raise their children together, caring and lovingly. They married just before he headed to training camp.

Stephanie Sarkisian and Steve Sarkisian’s Divorce

Their relationship began on a positive note started by love on their first date. Their marriage started well with pleasure and the birth of their children. Despite the difficulties that led to their separation, both professed a desire to retain solitude and focus on raising their children together. Following their divorce, Steve Sarkisian moved on to marry Loreal Smith continuing to enhance his personal life.

Steve Sarkisian sits with his wife Stephanie at a press conference introducing him as the new USC head football coach at the John McKay Center at the University of Southern California on December 3, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.
Steve Sarkisian sits with his wife Stephanie at a press conference introducing him as the new USC head football coach at the John McKay Center at the University of Southern California on December 3, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Source: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Stephanie Sarkisian, on the other hand, has decided to keep a low profile, with little information accessible about her life after divorce. Throughout their marriage, they experienced tremendous personal and professional milestones, demonstrating their dedication to family in the face of adversity.

What is Stephanie Sarkisian’s Net Worth?

Stephanie Sarkisian’s occupation is currently not well documented. She previously worked as a substitute teacher. Her financial situation, especially her net worth, remains unknown and is still being assessed. Stephanie and her ex-husband, Steve Sarkisian, sold a home for millions earlier this year.

They’d lived together since 2009, around six months after Steve Sarkisian took over as head football coach after leaving the university.

Stephanie Sarkisian Age

Stephanie Sarkisian’s exact birthdate has not been officially confirmed, but it is estimated that she is 49 years old. Her personal life is kept secret and facts about her upbringing and family history are not well known in the public. She is of mixed Japanese and American origin, but no precise information about her parents has been revealed. Her personal life and family history are kept private, which contributes to the scarcity of knowledge about her childhood and upbringing.

Sum Up

In conclusion, Stephanie Sarkisian’s life has been heavily influenced by her previous marriage to football coach Steve Sarkisian and their subsequent divorce. Despite their early delight in their partnership and the birth of their three children, their choice to divorce signaled a move toward privacy for all parties, particularly their children. Stephanie’s professional past as a substitute teacher and her transition from collegiate basketball to higher education is mentioned, but information about her early life and parents is not revealed. Her decision to keep a low profile upon divorce contrasts with Steve Sarkisian’s prolonged prominent career and remarriage to Loreal Smith.

While their financial activities, such as the selling of their home, indicate their prior joint existence, Stephanie’s present net worth is unknown. In the end, Stephanie Sarkisian’s story demonstrates a dedication to privacy in the face of personal adversity, stressing her emphasis on family and personal caution in public.

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