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Troy Dendekker: Meet the Wife of Famous Musician Bradley Nowell

Troy Dendekker is a famous person from America who is known as the wife of American musician Bradley Nowell. In case you didn’t know, Bradley was the main singer and guitar player for the ska punk band Sublime. The singer died seven days after getting married on May 18, 1996.

In addition, he got noticed in the media when he suggested making a film about the story of Sublime. Also, she has worked on campaigns to make more people understand the dangers of drugs and alcohol. We have gathered some information about her; let’s keep reading to learn more about her.

Troy Dendekker Biography

NameTroy Dendekker
BirthdateMarch 8, 1971
BirthplaceColumbia, South Carolina, USA
Eye ColorBrown – Dark
Hair ColorBlonde
Sexual orientationStraight
Age53 years old (as of 2024)
Height5 ft 8 in (1.67 m)
Weight60 kilograms
Record LabelPaul Ruffino
Net Worth$1 Million – $5 Million (Approx.)
SpouseBradley Nowell (Died), Kiki Holmes (relationship)
ChildrenJakob James Nowell, Mary Jane, Erica Angel, Rudi Nowell
ParentsRobin Newton (mother), David Newton (father)
Marital statusMarried (Kiki Holmes)

Personal Life

Troy Dendekker Personal Life
Troy-Dendekker with Bradley Nowell (Source: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Troy Dendekker and Bradley Nowell became friends during Bradley’s tour, and then they fell in love and became partners. As they spent more time together, their passion got more robust. Troy got pregnant, which was a significant milestone for them. Troy had a baby boy named Jakob James Nowell. The arrival of their baby made Troy and Bradley want to have a stronger relationship, so they got married. Sadly, their happiness didn’t last long. Bradley Nowell died from a drug overdose just one week after he got married. His friend Troy and their new baby had to handle the problems that came after.

Who is Bradley Nowells’ son?

Jakob James Nowell, the son of the singer of the band Sublime, Bradley Nowell, is keeping his father’s memory alive.

At the Coachella music festival, Jakob Nowell performed with two original Sublime band members, Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson. This is a new beginning for the band.

Bradley Nowell died in San Francisco in 1996 because he took too many drugs. He was 28 years old. His band Sublime released their famous self-titled album just two months later.

Troy Dendekker Life After Husband Bradley Nowell’s Death

It’s hard to forget someone significant to you, especially if you love them. Troy also lost her boyfriend, who became her husband just a week after they got married.

She still thinks about the time she spent with him. It’s been over 20 years, and Troy still appears to love him just as much. The 52-year-old woman keeps posting pictures of herself with Bradley on social media, showing she loves him.

On September 5, 2020, Troy shared a nice picture of her and Bradley with the words “Hi Bradley. ” Check it out.

Troy Dendekker’s Second Marriage

A few years after her first husband died, Troy got married again to someone named Kiki Holmes. Keith Holmes → Keith Pickett Holmes. The couple got married on November 1st, 2002. The couple was married for more than 15 years.

Troy Dendekker Children

Besides Jakob, who is from Troy’s first marriage, she also has three other kids. Kiki was married for more than 16 years and had three children. She has two kids named Rudy and Mary. However, she has not told anyone the name of her third child, a girl.

Troy Dendekker Career

Troy Dendekker’s job history needs to be well known, and there needs to be more information about it for people to see. But, she might have experience singing. Regrettably, we don’t have much information about her singing career, like where and when she performed and any significant achievements. We don’t have all the details yet, so we don’t know how much she is involved in the music business. If we learn more or she tells us more about her job, 1883 Magazine will better understand who she is.

What is Troy Dendekker’s Net Worth?

Troy Dendekker’s net worth is more than $1 million because she inherited money from her husband, Brad Nowell after he died. After Brad Nowell died, Troy got most of his things. Now, she has a lot of things to take care of. Before Brad Nowell died, he was a successful musician and guitarist who made many popular songs that sold a lot. Even after he died, recordings like the self-titled album were released, showing they worked together one last time before going their separate ways.

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