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Who Is Judith Ann Hawkins? Meet Halle Berry’s Mother

Judith Ann Hawkins was born in Muncie. She was the daughter of Charles W. She worked for Marsh for a long time after receiving her associate’s degree in electronic communication. Judith was well known for her love of cooking, and she treasured passing on her culinary skills to her kids. She loved to spend time teaching her children and grandchildren. She was close to her sinister Nnacy and her brothers. In this article, we will learn about the other aspects of Judith’s life. 

Quick Facts

Full NameJudith Ann Hawkins
NicknameJudith Berry
BirthdateDecember 11, 1939
BirthplaceOhio, United States
Age85 years
Height5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Zodiac signTaurus
SpouseJerome Jesse Berry
ChildrenHalle Berry, Heidi Berry
ParentsNellie Dicken, Earl Ellsworth Hawkins
GrandchildNahla Ariela Aubry
SiblingsDiana Keller (sister), David Hawkins (brother)
EducationState University of New York
Died2011 in of Ohio, USA
Marital statusMarried

Judith Ann Hawkins Childhood

Judith Ann Hawkins was born in England. She is eighty-five years old now. Information on her siblings and other relatives has not been made public. Given her occupation and accomplishments, it seems likely that she had a strong education, even though particular information about her educational history is unavailable. Judith was an incredible psychiatric nurse, a profession that often calls for a high level of training in both mental health hospitals and in the field of medicine. She was committed to her career and responsibilities as a mother. She had a profound impact on her family. Her daughters were inspired by their mother as she raised them alone as a nurse. Her impact resulted in her daughter becoming a well-known actress. Although her educational background is not well documented.

Judith Ann Hawkins Career

Judith Ann Hawkins Career
Halle Berry and Mom Judith during Ebony 2007 Pre-Oscar Celebration. (Source: Steve Granitz/WireImage)

She was a hospital nurse but her most well-known role is that of Halle Berry’s mother. Despite the lack of information on her family history and educational background, she is acknowledged for her contributions to Halle Berry’s life as well as her commitment to her career. To pursue acting Halle Berry relocated to New York City. She faced several obstacles but in the end, she began to get roles in television series steadying and advancing her career. She rose to fame as an actress throughout the years. Playing several roles in television series and movies and winning praise from reviewers. Halle’s career has been greatly aided by Judith Ann Hawkins‘s influence and support.

To whom was Judith Ann Hawkins Married?

Before this, Judith Ann Hawkins was wed to hospital attendant Jerome Jesse Berry. They didn’t disclose a lot of details about their relationship in public. Heidi Berry and Halle Berry were their two daughters together. Judith’s husband physically abused her during their marriage, resulting in domestic violence. Later she filed for divorce as a result of this mistreatment. Following their divorce, Judith Ann Hawkins raised her two girls on her own. Sadly, a brain tumor took Jerome Jesse Berry’s life. Despite the difficulties she encountered, Judith’s courage and dedication in raising her girls by herself have played a vital role in both her and her daughters’ lives.

What Is Judith Ann Hawkins’s Net Worth?

What Is Judith Ann Hawkins's Net Worth
Actress Halle Berry and mother Judith Ann Hawkins. (Source: Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

There is no information is available about her net worth. Her profession as a nurse in a hospital was the main source of her income for many years. On the other hand, Halle Berry, her daughter, has made a huge net worth working in the entertainment sector. Halle Berry’s projected net worth is about $80 million. Although Judith’s exact financial situation is unknown, certainly, her efforts and hard work as a single mother and nurse were vital in guiding and influencing her girls’s formative years and ultimately contributing to their success.

Wrapping Up

Judith Ann Hawkins has lived a life distinguished by commitment. She faced difficulties including domestic abuse while raising her kids. She raised her daughters by working as a hospital nurse. Her daughter Halle, who has a $80 million net worth, is a success because of her efforts, even if her net worth is unknown. Judith’s tale is one of fortitude, tenacity, and a strong parental influence.

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