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Who Is Tiernan Cowling? All About Steve Aoki’s Ex-Wife

Tiernan Cowling is an Australian model who rose to prominence after dating Steve Aoki, a famous musician. They were married but after some years their journey ended in divorce. Apart from her personal life, she earned a reputation in the fashion industry. Her work with premium and innovative companies demonstrated her influence on the business. In this article, we will discuss the other aspects of Tiernan Cowling’s life;

Quick Facts

Full NameTiernan Cowling
Famous asSteve Aoki’s Ex-Wife
Age32 years
Height5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Hair colourBlonde
Eye colourBlue
ProfessionAustralian Model
SpouseSteve Aoki (m. 2015–2017)
EducationBrand Management
@Fashion Institute of Technology
Marital statusDivorced

Early Life

Tiernan Cowling, formerly married to the famed DJ Steve Aoki, was born in Australia. She has already established a reputation for herself at the age of 32, in contrast to her ex-husband, Steve Aoki. While her marriage to Aoki propelled her into the public limelight, specifics concerning her family history remain few and mysterious. Tiernan’s attractiveness extends beyond her physical appearance; she is known for her bright intelligence and tireless determination. Her professional path in the fashion sector is very significant. Working in a fast-paced, glamorous industry, she has demonstrated an exceptional ability to predict and capitalize on new trends, leading to her status as a respected fashion icon.

Steve Aoki Personal Life
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Tiernan Cowling Modeling Career

Tiernan Cowling has worked in a variety of fields most notably fashion and modeling. Her distinct presence in the fashion industry is noticeable as evidenced by her remarkable features and distinct style. She has worked with both modern and luxury companies. This work has allowed her to influence fashion trends and present carefully good products to a wider audience. Although the precise projects on which she has worked are mainly hidden. Her career indicates a substantial participation in numerous sectors of the fashion world. This involves photo sessions and runway walks. Her diversified career demonstrates her flexibility and impact in the fashion industry. 

Tiernan Cowling Appearance

Tiernan Cowling is noted for her stunning and fascinating beauty. She has a sophisticated and beautiful face with strong cheekbones. Her expressive eyes and a variety of hair colors, most of which are dark, and glossy, add to her sophisticated appearance. She stands out at 5’7 feet. Tiernan’s flawless fashion sense is defined by a combination of modern sophistication and classic grace. She can wear high-end, premium labels that perfectly blend current trends with vintage items.

What is Tiernan Cowling’s Net Worth?

steve aoki ex-wife, tiernan cowling
Steve Aoki ex-wife, Tiernan Cowling. (Source: Carl Timpone/BFA/Shutterstock)

Tiernan Cowling has amassed a good net worth from her work in the fashion sector. As a successful model, she has worked with modern companies which has contributed to her financial success. However, her exact net worth is unknown but she has established herself financially which can be seen by her lavish lifestyle. On the other hand, Steve Aoki represents innovation in the music sector. He has become a global music superstar thanks to his concerts and chart-topping songs. Aoki’s net worth is expected to be $120 million reflecting his significant impact and countless successes in the music business.


In conclusion, Tiernan Cowling has had a tremendous influence on her personal and professional lives. Her marriage to Steve Aoki catapulted her into the public glare, but her achievements in the fashion world have established her status as a famous figure in her own right. With her remarkable looks and excellent work ethic, she has thrived as a model professional, collaborating with famous companies. Although particular data regarding her family and net worth are kept confidential. Her successful job and luxury lifestyle demonstrate her financial security. Tiernan’s journey exemplifies her adaptability, demonstrating her capacity for success in a competitive and changing business.

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